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ARC 2022

This round-the-world journey takes us around the globe spending over 15 months months and covering around 26,000 nautical miles as we circumnavigate our great planet. 

World ARC includes: meeting different cultures; the wonders of the Galapagos; making one of the longest ocean passages possible; visiting palm-fringed atolls; diving with tropical fish; climbing an active volcano; visiting Indonesian temples; Carnival in Brazil; safari; Napoleon’s prison; spice estates; the Great Barrier Reef; building lifelong friendships; unparalleled support and much, much more.

A small fleet of around 40 boats provides a more intimate community atmosphere allowing participants to really meet and socialise with all of the other crews, along with providing the right amount of reassurance knowing that support is close at hand during the circumnavigation.

The experienced Rally team meet the boats in every port and are there to provide support and advice, along with organising a range of social and sightseeing activities, making sure you don’t miss out on any of the best aspects of every destination.

The Itinerary

Saint Lucia to Panama City

Leg 1

Panama City to Galapagos

Leg 2

Galapagos to Marquesas

Leg 3

Marquesas to Tahiti

Leg 4

Tahiti to Tonga

Leg 5

Tonga to Fiji

Leg 6

Fiji to Australia

Leg 7

Mackay to Lombok

Leg 8

Lombok to Mauritius

Leg 9

Mauritius to Cape Town

Leg 10

Cape Town to Salvador

Leg 11

Salvador to Saint Lucia

Leg 12

The route

Join us for the the World ARC 2022  (WARC) following this tried and tested Rally route.

The Rally starts and finishes in Saint Lucia, departing on the 11th January, 2022 and arriving back in early April 2023. Following the trade winds route, the itinerary ensures that we will cross the Pacific and Indian oceans during the fastest period, at the height of the trade wind season.

The route leaves from the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, then across to explore the wonders of the Galapagos Islands. Then we sail one of the longest ocean passages possible, before being rewarded with the incredible raw beauty of the numerous Pacific Islands.

We then sail to Australia, snorkelling and diving the famous Great Barrier Reef. Then it’s over to volcanic Lombok, before crossing the Indian Ocean, arriving in Cape Town for Christmas. Carnival in Brazil awaits us after crossing another ocean, with a quick stop at Napoleon’s prison of Saint Helena, before finally returning to the Caribbean region and Saint Lucia.

The route and timing of the rally have been carefully chosen so as to benefit from optimum weather conditions by planning to be 'in the right place at the right time' and, at the same time, complete a circumnavigation in just over one year. Both the Pacific and the Indian Oceans will be crossed during the safest period and at the height of the favourable trade wind season. The route itself calls at some of the most attractive destinations in the world, some of which have never before been visited by an organised event.

The Rally avoids the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa owing to political unrest and a heightened security situation in the region.

The detailed itinerary will enable participants to plan crew changes and boat maintenance. During the rally, a multi-lingual World Cruising Team will be in each port to look after participants ashore, whilst a safety and communications net will operate on each ocean stage. Weather and routing advice will be provided, and the World ARC website will track yacht positions and display news, yacht logs and images to enable everyone to share in this great adventure.

Why the World ARC?

As part of an organised event everyone taking part benefits from the camaraderie of sharing this unique event with around 40 other yachts. As part of the rally many shoreside activities, tours and parties are included and of course the organisers know all the best anchorages and places to visit.

Each yacht is fitted with a satellite tracker and blogs and photos can be posted on the event website allowing friends and family back home to follow your adventures. On Songbird we have broken down the trip into legs, each lasting around a month. Some are more cruising orientated, with shorter mileages to cover, some have a combination of longer passages mixed in with shorter cruises, whilst others are full ocean legs. 

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